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Restoration Video Clips

Video Clip 25 HP Swan Video size 811K

12 HP Field Brundage Videos
12 HP Field New Years Day Run 2006
(large file size)
Front View of Field running
View of Sideshaft
View of Crankshaft & Counter Weights
Rear View of Field running

25 HP Columbus (first running) Videos
The First Running Video
1st running and Stiles making some adjustments
Governor Operation
Ignitor Operation
Crankshaft & Flywheels View
25 HP Columbus Christmas Party 2005
(large file size)

Work Shop
Machining Video Clips

Cylinder Boring (Lucas HBM) size 202K
Facing Cylinder Head Mounting Surface (Lucas HBM) size 211K
Boring Olin Brasses (LeBlond Lathe) size 641K
Squaring up Olin Brasses (Hendy Shaper) size 653K
Boring Crankshaft Throw (LeBlond Lathe) size 783K
Turning Crankshaft (LeBlond Lathe) size 803K
Boring Hole in rear of Piston (Lucas HBM) size 643K
Cutting Ring Grooves in Piston (LeBlond Lathe) size 656K
Boring Wrist Pin Hole in Piston (Lucas HBM) size 686K
Turning the OD of the 2 HP Cook Piston (LeBlond Lathe) size 684K
Milling Wrist Pin Bosses on Piston (Lucas HBM) size 681K
Boring 10 HP Bessemer Cylinder (Lucas HBM) size 665K
Milling a 10 HP Bessemer Head Gasket Surface (Lucas HBM) size 668K
Honing the 10 HP Bessemer Cylinder Bore (Lucas HBM) size 703K
Boring the 10 HP Superior Cylinder (Lucas HBM) size 663K
Boring Cylinder (with / sound) (large file size)
Honing Cylinder (with / sound) (large file size)

Misc. Information

Work shop Where I restore the engines
Links WebPage
Web Cam (over looks the work shop)
9N Ford Tractor
"Calling All Machinists"

Restoration Videos

Engine Collection & Restoration VHS Videos

40 HP Buffalo Olin, 25 HP Swan
10 & 20 HP Bovaird & Seyfang Single Valve

Latest Shop Work

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