The 40 HP Buffalo Olin returns to Sanborn, NY
for their Historical Day Event

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On August 27th, 2000 the town of Sanborn, NY was having a Historical Day which they have every year, the last Sunday in August. I was invited by the town Historical Society to bring the 40 HP Buffalo Olin up for the event. Sanborn is the town the Olin worked in from 1901 to 1917 running an evaporator for drying fruit. Check out the Olin History WebPage for more information on the Sanborn Mill. The spectators that came to the Historical Day had a lot of questions on the engine. Also a lot of new information on the 40 HP Olin came out of the event too.

The following photos are of a good friend of mine Dave Johnson picking up the Olin with his beautiful roll back truck, to take the engine to the Historical day event. If it wasn't for Dave and his truck the Olin would not have made it to Sanborn. Thanks Dave...

We had no problem getting cooling water for the engine. The firemen came with a huge pumper fire truck, with a 3 inch diameter hose to fill the Olin and its cooling tank. It did the job great, but was really over kill...

These next two photos are of the Olin all unloaded, setup, and ready to run...

The first photo here is of a friend of mine, Wayne Grenning and his son Alex with their engines at the Sanborn Historical Day. What a great photo of father and son enjoying the hobby. The following are a few photos of Wayne's Otto and the beautiful job he has done restoring the engine...

The rest of the photos are of different engines and tractors that were at the show. There really was a lot of things going on at this show and also there were a lot of spectators present...

The 40 HP Olin really ran great for its home coming and I think the people at the event really had a great time and enjoyed seeing a piece of history that at one time worked in their town. Thank you Sanborn for inviting me and the Olin to your Historical Day...
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