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These are engines that over the years have been
moved on to other caretakers...

2003 Florida engine show trip short cut, through a phosphate mine!
Titusville & Buffalo
Olin Restorations

2 1/4 HP Buffalo Olin
4 HP Buffalo Olin
18 HP Buffalo Olin
32 HP Buffalo Olin
35 HP Titusville Olin
40 HP Buffalo Olin
40 HP Buffalo Olin, Home Coming
Misc. Engine Restorations

15 HP Dempster & Comstock
BoxBed Half-Breed

20 HP Bovaird & Seyfang
4 cycle, single valve

2 HP Rumsey Sideshaft Restoration
(for the Coolspring Power Museum)

20 HP Abel Acme Engine
(Abel Restoration Index)

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Antique Gas Engines

TD6 International Crawler

Air Compressor Restoration

Milwaukee Twin Cylinder
Air Compressor

Latest Shop Work

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