Cargill Phosphate Mine
South Ft. Meade
Florida, February 2003

Cargill Mine South Fort Meade
(This is the mine we went through)
(Be sure to read how the mining is done)

Map to Cargill South Meade Phosphate mine

Cargill Aquires more land for South Fort Meade Phosphate mine

Cargill's Corporate Website

Florida Flywheelers

Zolfo Springs Engine Show

On Saturday Feruary 22nd, 2003 on our way to the Florida Flywheelers Engine Show we took a trip through the South Ft. Meade Cargill Phosphate mine. This was supposed to be a short cut to the show. What an adventure! This first photo shows the Florida Flywheelers shows grounds. On the rest of the photos there are key points labeled so you know where you are...
(Most of the following photos where taken from the TerraFly website)

These next few photos are of the bridge we built to get out of the Phosphate mine. The gate was locked. What an adventure! It took us an extra hour to get to the show. What a short cut! Thank God we didn't have the Lambergini in the trunk at this moment...

Below are photos of the Zolfo Springs Engine Show...

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