2 cylinder

Milwaukee Air Compressor

About mid year, 1999, I picked up this air compressor from a friend and the compressor was in pretty rough shape. The intent when buying it was to have it hooked up to the lineshaft in my shop to always have compressed air available when the lineshaft was running. Well I just finished completing it between engine restorations and boy does it make air. I had to make some bearings and re-machine some pins, grind the valves and lap them in and it is ready to go into service. Below are a few photos of the compressor, and when I get it hooked up to the lineshaft I will get them photos up...

A friend of mine has a milwaukee air compressor just like mine that he is restoring. He took the compressor all a part and has asked me to grind the valves for him. In the following photos you can see how I ground his valves for him. The first 2 photos are of the set up used to grind the 2 larger valves...

This photo shows the large valves all ground with the smaller valves still all pitted...

I had to rotate the toolpost grinder 90 deg. because the 45 deg. angle on the smaller valves goes the other way. You can see the set up in the following 2 photos...

Here the valves are all completed. I hope they work out well for Ron Polle and he is happy with them...

Well my friend who owns the compressor I ground the valves for came over to my shop and we finished hooking up my 2 cylinder compressor to the line shaft. I still need to do some pulley size changing but overall the compressor works real nice. What a unique sound they make when in operation. I have a 30 gal. tank in the attic of my shop that I am going to plumb the compressor into and then we will really put the test to it...

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