4 HP Buffalo Olin

Bore: 5"
Stroke: 7"
Flywheel Diameter: 29"
The following photos are of a 4 HP Buffalo Olin that I picked up Saturday January 29th. Also check out the 2 1/4 HP Buffalo Olin I picked up that day too. When it rains it pours. This engine is just like my 40 HP Buffalo Olin , only a lot smaller in size. I didn't have to do to much to get the engine running. I laped the valves, fixed a gas valve spring, and laped the gas valve and in 4 short hours the Olin was running. I am not used to this, buying an engine requiring so little work to get running. The engine is being run with a buzz coil and spark plug right now but will have a hot tube ignition soon...

Here are a couple of photos of my 4 HP Olin at a show in Pa. taken around 1973. My friend found these photos he took when the Olin was owned by someone else from Pa...

These are (2) photos of the 4 HP Buffalo Olin hooked up to the line-shaft in my shop.

To hear a 13 second wav file of the 4 HP Buffalo Olin running...

olin.wav size = 287K

olin.zip size = 196K (requires WinZip to uncompress)

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