Flickinger Iron Works Engine
Bradford, Pa.

This is the "Windy City" building at the
Coolspring Power Museum, where the 60 HP Flinkinger resides

Flickinger Engine Compressor
manufactured by
Flickinger Iron Works, Bradford, Pa.
60 HP 4 Stroke Cycle 15.5" Bore 20" Stroke Circa 1910

The Flickinger Iron Works began business in Cochranton, Pa., sometime prior to 1900. In 1903 they moved to Bradford, Pa., where they produced an extensive line of combination natural gas engine-air compressor units up to 250 HP for the flourishing petroleum industry. In 1911 the company changed its name to the Combination Engine & Compressor Co.

The Flickinger design uses only one piston for both power and compressing. The engine section features an atmospheric intake valve and a sideshaft operated exhaust valve. Ignition is by high tension magneto. The compressor features a sideshaft operated Corliss-style intake valve and poppet discharge valves.

This particular combination unit provided compressed air to pump a lease of oil wells on the outskirts of Bradford, Pa. It was last used in the early 1960's. It was brought to Coolspring in 1990 and is currently on display in the Windy City building on a perminant foundation.

These first (3) photos are of the 60 HP Flickinger engine in the original power house in Bradford, Pa. The photos were taken in 1970...

These next (5) photos are of the 60 HP Flickinger taken in the mid 80's in the same power house...

click on the thumbnail for a larger image

The above photos are curtsey of Mike Fuoco

Below are some reference photos and some of the work that has been done on the Flickinger. I will be adding more photos to this section...

These (4) photos were taken during one of the Coolspring Power Museum's work weekend. You can see the head getting cleaned and ready to go on the engine. Gaskets being cut for the side covers. Also check out how the connecting rod bearing bolts are locked in place. It's quite a unique design...

Below are some more photos taken during another work weekend at the Coolspring Power Museum...

09/18/04 - 09/19/04
During the September 2004 work weekend at the Coolspring Power Museum my friend Stiles Bradley and I did some valve chest mounting surface repair on the 60 HP Flickinger engine. Below are some photos of the work...

Photos #1 & #2 show a chain fall hung from the rafters and the valve chest being removed. Photo #3 shows the valve chest safely lowered to the floor. Photo #4 shows the mounting surface that needs some attention. Notice the pitting in the mounting surface and the upper left mounting hole area which is not level with the rest of the mounting surface...

Photo #1 here shows the top of the mounting surface drifting away from the rest of the mounting surface. Look towards the top of the valve chest mounting surface, along the straight edge. After some careful grinding, scraping, and sanding the mounting surface is flat. The main area that needs to be sealed, is around the rectangle port in the valve chest mounting surface. This area is nice and flat. Photo #2 shows the valve chest going back on the engine, with photo #3 showing everything mounted back on the engine. Photo #4 shows the third and final portion of the sideshaft to be assembled. The sideshaft and the crankshaft gear need to be pinned together with a taper pin, and then assembled into the sideshaft housing...

10/14/04 - 10/16/04
On October 14th, I went down to the Coolspring Power Museum for the Fall Swap Meet. The plan was to do some work on the 60 HP Flickinger and finish up installing the 3rd and final sideshaft. Below are some photos of installing the 3rd / rear sideshaft. Photos #1 & #2 show getting the sideshaft assembly up into position. Photos #3 thru #6 are of getting the sideshaft housing lined up and a few of the bolts started to hold everything in place. What a job this was. The last photo shows what the sideshaft looks like all installed. I would like to say thanks to Len Spoleman and Stiles Bradley for their help in getting the sideshaft installed. Thank You! Now to start working on plumbing up the engine...

09/11/05 - 09/14/05
To see the large governor drive pulley hub being repaired, check out the "Latest Shop Work" web page...
Latest Shop Work webpage.
09/17/05 - 09/18/05
Went down to the Coolspring Power Museum for the September work weekend and worked on installing the governor drive pulley. These following (3) photos show the work all completed. To see more of the 60 HP Flickinger governor pulley work check out the "Latest Shop Work" webpage...

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