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This Engine is a 4 cycle sideshaft
with a vertical governor. The engine is also known as a cam stopper
because when its up on the governor the intake & exhaust cam lobe
and the ignition stop rotating.
purchased May 21, 2005

Below is a photo of the 25 HP Columbus taken the day I picked up the engine to bring home to Pavilion, NY. The engine is mostly a part and needs to be put back together with very few parts needing repair...

To see some work on the 25 Columbus check out the lastest shop work webpages...
Latest Shop Work Webpage #39
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The crew that loaded the engine...

The following (3) photos are of getting the 25 HP Columbus into the shop. We had to haul the Columbus from Springfield, Ma. so it was a great feeling having the engine home to Pavilion, NY. and in the shop...

The 25 HP Columbus is ready to start!

10/22/05 - 10/23/05
On Saturday the 22nd of October the 25 HP Columbus was ready to start. After checking things over on the engine Saturday morning, Stiles Bradley came up to help and we started the Columbus. It took a little bit to get the gas figured out but after that the Columbus was running! These next (3) photos were taken during the day Saturday...

These next (3) photos were taken Sunday the 23rd of October. We made some changes to the governor springs, advanced the timing, and added a cylinder oiler before starting the Columbus on Sunday. After a few friends came over we started the Columbus again. It started on the first try. We ran the Columbus for about 3 hours and we all enjoyed every minute of it. I don't have to tell you how happy the guy in the 3rd photo is...

Below are (5) videos taken on October 22nd & 23rd of running the 25 HP Columbus for the first time. Click on the links below to see the videos. The video file format is windows avi...

The First Running Video
1st running and Stiles making some adjustments
Governor Operation
Ignitor Operation
Crankshaft & Flywheels View

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